Tips for Better Maintenance of Trailers

Tips for Better Maintenance of Trailers

Trailers are tough and built to last, however, they still require some maintenance. The proper care will ensure that your trailer is safe to be on the road and is not going to surprise you with any problems.

If you drive a trailer, follow these tips to keep it in the best condition possible:


  1. Make sure you have the right air pressure in your tires. This will help your tires last longer, which is ideal considering how expensive they are. You can make use of a tire pressure monitoring system or inflation system which are designed to check your tires to make sure they meet the requirements.

  3. Inspect the suspensions visually and look out for any signs like odd tears, cracks or wear. Nothing should be touching the suspension so that it doesn’t affect its movement. There is also a defined ride height position that every air suspension has, so during your inspection, make sure that it meets the proper height requirement so that is doesn’t interfere with any of the other components.

  5. Add new lube to get rid of the old grease that will most likely have debris clinging on to it. Contaminants will make it ineffective, which is why adding new grease is very important. In order for the trailer to operate properly, the correct lube applied in the right amount is crucial.

  7. Brakes are incredibly important for obvious reasons, so take the time to check that they are in good condition and that they function properly. Check the angle; this is a good indicator if the brakes need to be fixed or require an adjustment.

  9. Your lights should be working at all times, otherwise, it is very dangerous and you are increasing your chances of getting pulled over for an inspection. To avoid this, inspect your wires, lights, and harness systems regularly to make sure that all of the electrical components of the trailer are working properly.

  11. Wash your trailer as often as you can, at least once every couple of months because a clean trailer will allow you to spot problems easily. Inspections should also be done regularly to make sure your trailer is fit for the road and does not present a danger to you or anyone else. Check for debris in all of the components and follow the right procedures to ensure that your trailer is in good condition.

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