Benefits of Gooseneck Trailers

Benefits of Gooseneck Trailers

It’s often hard to choose between a bumper pull trailer and gooseneck trailer as both come with their benefits. The choice boils down to the hitch which affects the towing capacity. A gooseneck trailer hitch is typically used with industrial trailers instead of a fifth-wheel hitch. The fifth-wheel hitch is primarily used with recreational trailers.
A gooseneck hitch looks quite like a ball mount that is welded or mounted on a rail, unlike a fifth-wheel hitch that comes without a ball mount and connects to a downward-facing pin called kingpin instead. Why should you pick a gooseneck hitch? Well, there are several good reasons. 

More Towing Capacity

The biggest advantage with a gooseneck hitch is that it has a capacity of 24K to 30K which gives it great towing capacity. There are gooseneck-to-fifth wheel adapter plates available for those who plan to tow both a gooseneck and fifth-wheel trailer.

Better Stability

Gooseneck trailers are built in a way that makes the trailer safer, especially on winding roads. It increases stability so the operator has better control on highways. A bumper hitch trailer, on the other hand, exerts much more leverage on the vehicle so it’s harder to tow and control on winding roads.

Better Weight Distribution

It’s easier to transfer loads to the tow vehicle with a gooseneck trailer and distribute the weight better after it’s loaded. It can handle nearly 25% weight transfer. A standard bumper hitch trailer handles just 10-15% weight transfer, which is considerably less.

Easier to Maneuver 

Another big advantage of a gooseneck trailer is better maneuvering power. On roads with sharp turns, little space to reverse or if you need to make a u-turn, a gooseneck trailer comes to the rescue. It is more flexible and useful on long narrow roads.

Hard to Steal

Unfortunately, it’s not unusual to find your trailer stolen when you least expect it, perhaps when it is parked in storage, for example. It is always wise to keep it locked up. There are several hitch locks available to protect the trailer. On the bright side, Gooseneck trailers are rarely stolen, unlike bumper hitch trailers simply because most people do not have a gooseneck trailer.
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