Benefits of Dump Trailer Liners

Benefits of Dump Trailer Liners

Lightweight and Durable

This is one of the biggest advantages of our industrial strength plastic bed liners. Their design helps to eliminate the possibility of the contents sticking on the inside of the truck and reduces possible wear and tear on the dump trucks, garbage trucks, end dumps, dump trailers or roll-off trailers. These dump trailer bed liners prolong the life of your equipment, resulting in reduced maintenance costs and expenditure on refurbishing cycles.

The reduced build-up of leftover material

Dump trailer liners from Quality Trailers create a polished finish which reduces the fusion and the possibility of material sticking to the dump trailer bed. The liners are specially fabricated with Ultrahigh molecular weight (UHMW) as opposed to High molecular weight (HMW). Quality Trailers sells only UHMW Liners as they are significantly more wear resistant than HMW.  This makes the dump trailer liners to become much slicker than a marketplace spray-on dump trailer liner. As the liner gets rid of any sticky, frozen or wet material, it helps to save significant work hours, possible hydraulics damage and eliminates the threat to working conditions.

Reduced Costs

Several quality tests and direct customer feedback have confirmed that liners help most materials to slide out easily during the first instance of hydraulics raise. This helps to eliminate the chances of subjecting your heavy and expensive equipment to repetitive instances of hydraulics raise, thereby protecting it from wear and tear and resulting maintenance or downtime. This also prevents rollovers as it allows the product to come out at a lower height. They are environmentally friendly as they reduce the need for expensive and harmful release agents. All of these benefits lead to decreasing costs and improved bottom line results for your organization.


Our plastic bed liners can be used for any kind of new or old dump trucks, trailers or any other kind of hauling equipment.

Spray on Liners versus Custom Fabricated

Here are the top three reasons to ditch your spray on liner and only choose our Custom Fabricated Dump Truck Liners:

  • Our liners are custom fabricated using Ultra-High molecular weight (UHMW) and heat-stabilized material to create the ultra durable liner.
  • They last longer and are stronger.
  • More slippery to enable easy sliding of material and increase safety
  • Reduced buildup and wear and tear on the dump trailer hoist hydraulics.

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