Benefits of an all Aluminum Trailer

Benefits of an all Aluminum Trailer

An aluminum trailer is an excellent addition to your vehicle, but many people are hesitant to pick them over a standard steel trailer because of the higher price point. But, they can be a worthwhile investment. Here are some benefits to aluminum trailers:


Conventional trailers are highly durable, but they will still require maintenance over time. Aluminum trailers require practically no maintenance and will last for years to come. They can resist rust and are easier to keep clean and stand up better against weathering over time.


When you think about steel, the first thing that probably comes to mind is its strength. After all, some of the most durable structures in the world are made from steel, including many high-rises.
Aluminum, on the other hand, isn’t generally thought of for its strength. Premium aluminum trailers are constructed using aluminum alloy. That means they are strong enough to get the job done, yet pliable enough to spring back to shape even after extended periods of time. Steel is rigid, so if it bends at all, it will stay that way.


The most significant deciding factor when it comes to buying an aluminum trailer instead of a steel one is its weight. They can be around 300 lbs lighter than their steel counterparts. That means the trailer will be easier to maneuver. If you are trying to adjust the trailer’s position in your yard or driveway, you can easily do so without overexerting yourself.
Where the lower weight really comes in handy is if you are towing with an SUV, Minivan or Crossover. Generally, these vehicles can’t pull as much as the average truck. The most popular SUVs can typically only tow 1,000 to 2,000 lbs. If you were to use a steel trailer that is about 300 lbs heavier than its aluminum counterpart that is only 300 lbs, that only leaves you with about 400 lbs, which can get used up quickly. A lighter aluminum trailer makes a considerable difference as it will not strain your engine or decrease the gas mileage on your vehicle.

Premium Materials And Features

The way a trailer looks is not necessarily the most important factor, but it is worth noting that aluminum trailers tend to be more eye-catching compared to a standard trailer. Its clean silver appearance offers a premium look, and its aluminum alloy wheels look great.
Along with these benefits, the aluminum trailers Quality Trailers offer also feature torsion axles, which provide a smoother ride, built-in LED lights and checkered aluminum fenders. Browse our inventory of trailers online or visit our shop in-person. We can answer any questions you have about trailers and help you pick out parts as well.

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